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In CABINETMAKING II student will build a cabinet related project. The main project will be any project that is cabinet related.

Please check the Calendar​ on a daily basis for daily plans and due dates.

In CABINETMAKING II students are encouraged to participate in SkillsUSAStudents can participate in the CABINETMAKING contest or choose from the 100 contests areas avalible.

South Dakota Cabinetmaking Standards Click Here​


Owners Manuals​ google_drive Small.png
Safety Guidelines & Info google_drive Small.png
MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets google_drive Small.png
Google Drive for K-12 Users google_drive Small.png
Career Safe

Making Useful Things With Wood​​​

Woodworking Supplies Ordering Infomration

Autodesk - Educational Accouts Create

The Ruler Game

Game Calls &  Turning Kits

Bear tooth Woods .com

Craft Supply

Wood Turningz .com

Arazona Silhouette .com

Penn State Industires .com

Project Idea Websites - Laser Projects Ideas - Laser Projects Ideas - DIY Projects

Assignments / Handouts
google_drive Small.png
Cabinetmaking 2 Syllabus . Google Drive
google_drive Small.pngAutobiography Assignment .Google Forms
google_drive Small.png6 peice Puzzle 3D Plans. Google Drive
google_drive Small.pngJewlery Box 3D Drawing Plans .Google Drive
google_drive Small.pngMortis and Tenon Research .Google Drive
google_drive Small.pngMortise and Tenon drawing  .Google Drive
google_drive Small.pngDovetail Research .Google Drive
google_drive Small.pngDovetail Drawing. Google Drive

google_drive Small.pngHow to draw Final Project Plans. .Google Drive

google_drive Small.pngTypes of Cabinets Research .Google Drive
google_drive Small.pngCabinetmaking Industry Career Research  

Jewlery Box Project Hinges
Mini Barrel Hinge Instructions

google_drive Small.pngThe Road  .Google Drive

google_drive Small.pngCM 2 Cut List and Cost Form

google_drive Small.pngHow to draw Final Project Plans. .Google Drive

google_drive Small.pngHow to draw Final Project Plans. .Google Drive

Example Plans

Example Entertainmentcenter Plans.doc


Sketchup Template for Cab.

Cabinetmaking Setup Template.skp(template 2016)

Wood Grain For Plans

​​​Wood Grain Side to Side.jpg

Wood Grain Up and Down.jpg

wood end grain pic.jpg

Google SketchUP Tutorials
Intro To SketchUp.skp
Lesson 1 Start Drawing.skp
Lesson 2 Start Drawing.skp
Lesson 3 Start Drawing.skp